Frugal wedding ring wearing options while pregnant

Every body, every woman, and every pregnancy, even each of her own can be beautifully unique. If you're like me and started experiencing swelling during the second trimester, you're not alone. I noticed swelling in my hands around week 20- 22.  I was really disheartened when I couldn't wear my wedding ring/band anymore. I had THE moment when you go to take your rings off and you freak out because it doesn't look like you'll be able to take them off (yikes!!! and I never want that to happen again).

There are a lot of different options:

  • not wear a ring(s)----for me- totally not an option unless I'm going to the gym with my hubby
  • purchase another gold/silver ring---- which I'm not a fan of because it's not a need and I'd rather concentrate on spending on Lily
  • purchase really inexpensive stackable rings from Loft ----I considered it, but I didn't want to spend on something I would use for a short time and would likely quickly turn my finger green- remind anyone of their high school years!?
  • tattoo- kiddddinnngggg! (Just seeing if you were still reading!)
  • My favorite option: wear a family ring (or other nice ring) that didn't fit you before----I ended up trying on a ring I'd been given and was pleasantly surprised when it fit me. I've been doing this and it's been wonderful! Also, because the ring was just a tinge too big it's been something thats grown with me.

My second favorite option- snag a necklace and put the pendant in a safe place. Use the chain to house your wedding ring(s) and wear it around your neck. If you're sentimental or your husband is, it could be a really good option for you and remind each of you of the beautiful covenant of marriage! This way you're still wearing the ring(s) and you also didn't spend any money to do so!

P.s. If you're wondering what the back drop is, its an oversized lumbar throw pillow- in English a rectangular pillow- from Target. 

A friend told me about the Qalo ring which is a single silicone ring you can buy and because they make a few different textures/looks you can totally stack them. It's a great inexpensive option under $12 (and it won't turn your finger green!) These rings come in so many different colors and three designs so happy choosing :)


If you like the Qalo ring and your budget can hang at $19.99 this is a little classier of an option in my opinion. These rings only come in four colors: red, navy, green, and white. Babe, if you're reading this I like the red and also the white one ;)




Do you have any creative way(s) you've been able to wear your wedding ring(s) during a season of your life where they didn't fit!? I'd love to hear about it.


Second Trimester Recap

She is more precious than rubiesProverbs 3_15@thepracticalpotters (1).png

     The second trimester went pretty smoothly overall, well, minus the introduction to acid reflux, sleeplessness, and the most intense round ligament pain. Really and truly I can't complain too much, as I've done my best not to do as I'm doing by best to treasure every stage of the pregnancy. I will definitely not sugar coat anything and share that some of the aches and pains were uncomfortable and I allowed to consume my thoughts throughout the day.

     The pain and discomfort was a little overwhelming for a few weeks. There were definitely days where daily activities like getting dressed in the morning, walking, and going up and down the stairs were exercise in and of themselves. Walking and exercising, although the last thing I wanted to do and helped with the sleeplessness, increase confidence, energy, and productivity. I was excited to get back in the gym to start walking at least half a mile, than a mile, and later a mile and a half 5-6 times a week. I'd also enjoy riding the bicycle and lifting weights (not all three taking place in the same day, normally just a combination of two). I'm no super athlete, just a regular ole' gal. It was great to be able to do a few exercises on my own and also have Bryan there with me. He served as a wonderful support to see in what ways I was pushing myself and in what ways I was listening to my body to know what my limitations were. 

     One aspect of pregnancy that I feel was more apparent in the second trimester was forgetfulness and procrastination. As a type-A personality I generally make a to-do list and knock it out in the timeline I've set up for it and I generally do not misplace or forget where things are. I have forgotten to do things for Bryan, I've misplaced membership cards to local grocery stores as well as my library card. Yikes! Thankfully these items can be replaced and I've worked on being more vigilant regarding what I do with both mine and Bryan's belongings. And mostly, just give myself grace for the ways pregnancy not only changes my body, but also day to day life.

     I believe the second trimester is from weeks 13 - 27 and I was really excited to wrap up the second trimester in mid-January.  I realized that pregnancy may require a slower pace and to give myself more grace- for all the beauty and all the changes it brings. I was beyond excited to be able to be walking into the third trimester feeling more energized and strong...but that all came to a screeching halt. Can't wait to share more in the next post!



News flash pregnant momma, you are normal!

Keeping it real today ladies. I've had a few good cries due to a change pregnancy brings which is completely normal and necessary- weight gain. 

    See, when I was 16 weeks pregnant I moved to Utah. My weight had already increased (prior to pregnancy) and a little with the pregnancy that I did not fit into clothes from the previous year's winter. Since I knew it was starting to cool down in Utah I bypassed a majority of my fall outfits and packed for winter. (Boy am I glad I did :) ) At any rate, I tossed aside clothing which didn't fit and kept what did. 

You're invited to an (1).png

    Shortly after Thanksgiving it started feeling cold here in Utah. After searching for a top that would fit me and slipping into my maternity jeans I was getting so excited to wear my petite coat. The tears started to fall as I realized it did not fit! Starting from the top- the bust was uncomfortably tight, of the five or six buttons the top two were barely meeting, and the jacket was parting like the red sea to reveal the bump. Tears, tears, and more tears flowed. Bryan embraced me and sweetly said, "Hey honey, its okay. I don't know if you forgot, but, you're pregnant," and he continued sweetly about this being normal. 

    It may seem so silly to read. If you're pregnant or have been than you likely know the feeling. The scoreboard, Hormones 1, Rational Bev 0. It's okay. I realized later in the day how silly it was. All in all I just needed to extend grace, sit back and marvel and the wonders of pregnancy- sharing this body with Lily and all the changes it brings. P.S. If you're growing a tiny human inside of you...its totally normal that your clothes don't fit. Maternity clothes are calling, go treat yourself!