Lily's growth recap

Life with Lily has been one wild ride.


After getting home the first couple of days were difficult as we had breastfeeding issues. I exclusively pumped breastmilk and bottle fed it to her. I remember our days and nights being mixed up for a bit. Bryan was and has continued to be an amazing support and amazing father. I am so, so thankful for him.

I learned as much as I could about breastfeeding (since it was and is always on my mind) through a trained IBCLC. I am extremely grateful to the ladies over at Success With Breastfeeding out of Farmington, Utah for their help throughout Lily and I’s breastfeeding journey. They provided amazing resources like: a tummy time class and referral to a pediatric dentist who performed Lily’s tongue tie revision. Thats a post for another day. After she recovered from the tongue tie revision, breastfeeding improved and her weight gain improved.

Thankfully, pediatricians, friends, family and strangers always told us she is such an alert baby, strong, and healthy.

We really took it easy after she was born. Well, up until the first month. When she was 5 weeks old we moved into an apartment and I had my work cut out for me unpacking and also taking care of her. She wasn’t taking long naps and wasn’t sleeping well at night either.

At about a month old (on my birthday) we took a fun tummy time class! And have made it a daily part of our routine.

I started baby wearing which allowed me to be more active and get things done around our home.

At 4 months she was rolling onto her side and tummy. And finally took a pacifier. We started nursing and bottle feeding and her sleep at night improved as well as

At 5.5 months she had her tongue tie revised and did great! Her weight gain increased.

At 6 months longer tummy times and rolling from back to tummy more quickly. She started sitting up.

At 6.5/7 months she started eating sweet potato puree and avocado and little bit of banana.

At 7 months she started crawling (Thanksgiving break while visiting my mom in North Carolina). Sitting up on her own but needed assistance (pillows or person nearby). We saw she loves playing with kids, especially loves the ones that are closer to her age/size.

At 8 months continued crawling. and Had her first stomach bug, terrible. Sick but still happy for a few days. We started telling her no when approaching cords/outlets (which have safety covers on them). We also re-introduced her to her dog, Bandit, and she loves being around him!

At 9 months she started standing up on her own. She started understanding what the word, “no,” means and is doing better about not engaging in the negative activity or direction of objects we don’t want her touching. She also started spending more time at grandma and grandpa’s house and has really enjoying it!

At 9.5 months her eating strike ended. She started playing with her spoon during meal times. For sure, this girl is not a vegetarian. We turned a corner and she started feeding herself, with her hands. She loves chicken and beef ( unseasoned). She’s had some cheese (not sure if her tummy can handle it) and eggs she seemed to enjoy at first but she has a sensitivity to them at this time. When she likes a food she says, “mhmm,” which is adorable.


She has discovered her voice can be louder and increase in pitch so she’s enjoying that! Sometimes its after mealtimes and other times its just random- which has scared me in the past because I wasn’t expecting it.

She is spending more and more time standing up, and moving from object to object while standing. She can move side to side when holding onto the couch. And she still loves playing with other kids. She does well away from mommy when there are other kids involved. She even played for half an hour at our church’s nursery room.

We are taking each week day by day! Waiting to see what she gets into next. I’ve got to watch her very, very closely. I am so excited to see what the next two weeks of being 9 months old will bring as well as jumping into life with a ten month old!