Third far

The third trimester- where you know what gets real!

                       33 weeks pregnant

                       33 weeks pregnant

At week 28 Bryan and I were taking a road trip out to California and it would be our longest one yet. He was so patient with me during the 11+ hour drive. Of course, make sure you are cleared by your physician when it comes to travel and follow their guidelines. We stopped every 1.5 - 2 hours for me to walk around and use the restroom. It actually worked out well for us so we could fill up at about half a tank of gas and keep trucking along. We brought plenty of water, food, and snacks (and because we were driving at night) it made it pretty easy to just have dinner and drive through the night. After the fun weekend Bryan and I got sick, I was out for the count for about 3 weeks which was really tough. I was well for two weeks and then ended up getting the flu. Yeah, when it rains it pours.

It's crazy to think a week ago I was diagnosed with the flu, thanks for medicine, the power of prayer, and the amazing care from Bryan I am feeling much much better.

I would probably have to say being under the weather has been the hardest part about the third trimester because it's made it difficult to sleep. I was already limited to sleeping on my left side with my amazing pregnancy pillow but then had an even harder time sleeping. I ended up sleeping in a reclined position with my pillow fort and then slept sitting upright. It worked well for me and I'm sure helped with the snoring I was already doing. I've just kept up the same routine for the most part, when you find something that works you just go with it!

Overall, I really have not had any discomfort due to the growing bump in terms of round ligament pain, etc. However I did notice some discomfort in my foot. A big thanks to Bryan for his awesome massages and a lacrosse ball as its really helped ease the tension and do away with the pain. I decided to set aside two old pairs of sneakers I had and go back to a favorite type of shoe I've tried in the past- orthotics (I know, I feel like I sound old). I ended up snagging a pair of gently used Vionic Orthotic sneakers and it's been a huge blessing! I'm pretty much living in them! It's cool, I guess I started wearing my momiform early. 

The biggest physical change starting the third trimester was the really intense heartburn and acid reflux I ended up getting ginger ale which helped alleviate it. However, I think the biggest change has been with my diet- staying away from garlic, heavy chili's (although hearty) have been well worth it. 

Nesting is a thang! I've pretty much wanted to buy everything pink and with birds on it I could get my hands on- I've resisted because accountability is real, y'all! I've been working hard to spend on essential items and I think have been surprised by how much is out there for babies (and moms/dads) we don't really need. I'm excited to do a post soon on items that made our list and what didn't. Obviously as a first time mom I have a limited perspective and with videos and online reviews being so handy I trust a few online sources and also advice from my doula, family, and friends on what we need.