Second Trimester Recap

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     The second trimester went pretty smoothly overall, well, minus the introduction to acid reflux, sleeplessness, and the most intense round ligament pain. Really and truly I can't complain too much, as I've done my best not to do as I'm doing by best to treasure every stage of the pregnancy. I will definitely not sugar coat anything and share that some of the aches and pains were uncomfortable and I allowed to consume my thoughts throughout the day.

     The pain and discomfort was a little overwhelming for a few weeks. There were definitely days where daily activities like getting dressed in the morning, walking, and going up and down the stairs were exercise in and of themselves. Walking and exercising, although the last thing I wanted to do and helped with the sleeplessness, increase confidence, energy, and productivity. I was excited to get back in the gym to start walking at least half a mile, than a mile, and later a mile and a half 5-6 times a week. I'd also enjoy riding the bicycle and lifting weights (not all three taking place in the same day, normally just a combination of two). I'm no super athlete, just a regular ole' gal. It was great to be able to do a few exercises on my own and also have Bryan there with me. He served as a wonderful support to see in what ways I was pushing myself and in what ways I was listening to my body to know what my limitations were. 

     One aspect of pregnancy that I feel was more apparent in the second trimester was forgetfulness and procrastination. As a type-A personality I generally make a to-do list and knock it out in the timeline I've set up for it and I generally do not misplace or forget where things are. I have forgotten to do things for Bryan, I've misplaced membership cards to local grocery stores as well as my library card. Yikes! Thankfully these items can be replaced and I've worked on being more vigilant regarding what I do with both mine and Bryan's belongings. And mostly, just give myself grace for the ways pregnancy not only changes my body, but also day to day life.

     I believe the second trimester is from weeks 13 - 27 and I was really excited to wrap up the second trimester in mid-January.  I realized that pregnancy may require a slower pace and to give myself more grace- for all the beauty and all the changes it brings. I was beyond excited to be able to be walking into the third trimester feeling more energized and strong...but that all came to a screeching halt. Can't wait to share more in the next post!