Second Trimester Recap

21 weeks on Thanksgiving  

21 weeks on Thanksgiving  

Ever since we found out, Lily is well, Lily we've been even more excited about our bundle of Joy coming in April. Me, mainly excited to not hear Bryan say, "it," or only be able to say "the baby."  We had originally agreed upon maybe 4 or 5 girl names and barely one boy name. Once our midwife told us it was a girl, we were set on Lily. Since week 13 until now, week 22 things have changed quite a bit. I started wearing maternity clothing around week 17 (sheepishly so). To be honest, I felt like week 14 - 19 I looked like I was just storing food for the winter. It wasn't until week 18 I started to feel "heavy". I would say once moving to Utah I started experiencing acid reflux/heartburn several times throughout the week.



A great pregnancy pillow

The only other pregnancy symptoms I've experienced are typical and nothing I would gripe about, but would mention to Bryan. The frequent urination came on with a vengeance and I started feeling uncomfortable while sleeping. I normally don't mind Bryan's shoulder touching mine while sleeping but a few nights I did not want to be touched at all (yikes!). Bryan and I went out to Bed Bath and Beyond and got the Leachco® Snoogle® Chic Jersey Total Body Pillow in Heather Grey. It is priced at $65.00 and with their 20% coupon we paid around $50.00. It may seem like a lot for a pillow and in terms of the product it already came with a removal cover which they did offer separately for around $15 or more. I would not pass up the jersey zipper cover for anything, super soft and easy to remove and wash. I am normally a weirdo when it comes to pillows, I like them thin and was surprised when I used the pillow as an actual pillow I didn't wake up with a crick in my neck and felt even more comfortable in-between my knees. Over time I have basically transitioned to having some of it lightly lift my tiny belly and also completely hugging it, with my left arm under it and my right over top. Needless to say, Bryan is jealous. We had a couple friend tell us half way through using it her husband stole it, comfortable for all. The only...maybe frustration is that it is very big as in, almost as long as our queen bed so I completely remove when making the bed. 

Another weird thing has been a little bit of sleeplessness which has been difficult because I've been wide awake. I've been wide awake enough to check emails, research, and you know just ponder about life. Any advice on what to do or not do to prevent this and go back to sleep?

I had really uncomfortable abdominal pain around week 21 that lasted for about 2.5 days and it was tough. It felt like soreness, maybe kind of closer to like a stretched muscle mainly throughout all of my belly. I am fairly certain it was normal after contacting my healthcare provider, when in doubt, ask questions. I will say I'm sad I waited to use a heating pad until day 2.5. I heated a small one up for about 30 seconds in the microwave and applied it to areas of discomfort for 15 minutes at a time and it really did help! I'm sure I will be doing this more frequently down the road. Every now and again throughout the week I experience rubber band like stretching pain and thankfully nothing too severe.

Staying active!

Antelope Island State Park in Utah taken at "LadyFinger."

Antelope Island State Park in Utah taken at "LadyFinger."

I've been staying active and it starts with little things like parking towards the middle or back of parking lots to get in more of a walk, a hike here and there, and actually going on short walks with my mother in love, or husband and dog. I recently started wearing a pedometer wrist band. I wanted one that just had a time and pedometer option without needing access or connectivity to my smartphone, a computer program, bluetooth, and application etc. I also didn't want to break the bank! Ironically it took me a while to find one that didn't have any of these capabilities. I ended up purchasing the Willful (Brand) Pedometer Bracelet Fitness Tracker off of Amazon for under $20.00.  I will be honest and say it was an early Christmas present from Bryan but I did end up ordering it since I knew exactly what I wanted! ( He approved :) ).

At about week 20 we took a spontaneous trip to Bryce Canyon City with friends and I hiked 5 miles in one day! We did 2 miles in the morning with about an hour break and then hammered out another 3, I was tired and most definitely went to bed early! While that is not my norm, I would like to shoot for at least a mile a couple of times a week. Most recently Bryan and I went to Antelope Island State Park and enjoyed exploring and walking around a bit. 

A note on Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Did not work- red raspberry leaf tea is a no go, I had one or maybe two cups max and for a little over 24 hours had the worst uterine cramping. I am not a healthcare professional so definitely check in with your healthcare provider before taking a sip. I may give it another go later on if cleared by my midwife and doula. 

Future appointments

The next exams are for gestational diabetes and Lily's full anatomy scan scheduled soon. Praying all goes well with both appointments likely to take place this month and early January. 


I know I have another 5 weeks before the end of the 2nd trimester but I wanted to share what the first half of the second trimester has been like. Happily eager to hear about your experience and what you do to stay active, especially in Utah!