News flash pregnant momma, you are normal!

Keeping it real today ladies. I've had a few good cries due to a change pregnancy brings which is completely normal and necessary- weight gain. 

    See, when I was 16 weeks pregnant I moved to Utah. My weight had already increased (prior to pregnancy) and a little with the pregnancy that I did not fit into clothes from the previous year's winter. Since I knew it was starting to cool down in Utah I bypassed a majority of my fall outfits and packed for winter. (Boy am I glad I did :) ) At any rate, I tossed aside clothing which didn't fit and kept what did. 

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    Shortly after Thanksgiving it started feeling cold here in Utah. After searching for a top that would fit me and slipping into my maternity jeans I was getting so excited to wear my petite coat. The tears started to fall as I realized it did not fit! Starting from the top- the bust was uncomfortably tight, of the five or six buttons the top two were barely meeting, and the jacket was parting like the red sea to reveal the bump. Tears, tears, and more tears flowed. Bryan embraced me and sweetly said, "Hey honey, its okay. I don't know if you forgot, but, you're pregnant," and he continued sweetly about this being normal. 

    It may seem so silly to read. If you're pregnant or have been than you likely know the feeling. The scoreboard, Hormones 1, Rational Bev 0. It's okay. I realized later in the day how silly it was. All in all I just needed to extend grace, sit back and marvel and the wonders of pregnancy- sharing this body with Lily and all the changes it brings. P.S. If you're growing a tiny human inside of you...its totally normal that your clothes don't fit. Maternity clothes are calling, go treat yourself!