Introducing Life with Lily

We have really exciting news!

photo cred: Grandma Evelyn (my mom)

photo cred: Grandma Evelyn (my mom)

Bryan and I are expecting our first baby this coming April! We're having a girl and thankfully we already agreed on a name long before we found out she was a she- Lily Anne Potter. Who run the world...GIRLS *kidding* (I just had to throw in a Beyonce reference for good measure). 

I decided to start a Life with Lily "mini blog" basically a page on our website to share more about our journey with Lily from the moment we knew we were expecting throughout her life. I think it will be sweet for Bryan and I, our family, and even Lily to look back on when she's old enough to read!

This Thanksgiving (2017) marked the half way point of my pregnancy and we found out we were having a girl about a week before. Yes, so much to be thankful for! (And yes, I cried out when we found out).

Here's a quick first trimester recap!

I found out I was pregnant as most other women do with a home pregnancy test. Due to receiving healthcare on base at Ft. Bragg I was seen on base and had a dating ultrasound on August 16th which provided us with the due date of April 12th, still holding strong! Below are her first glamour shot!

Overall the first trimester went by very well. My only challenges were three separate occasions of 1 - 3 day headaches back to back, stomach issues due to prenatal vitamins (hint, hint don't have them on an empty stomach) and a cold that lasted a little over a week. While I was a little more sensitive Bryan and I agree I rarely teared up and felt and was healthy. There was a small little scare about a small hematoma, long story short, it wasn't officially brought to my attention by providers as what was seen in one ultrasound wasn't seen again. Praise God for a very quick healing.

My mom through us a baby shower the weekend before we left and it was so sweet to have our family come from out of town to celebrate!

Towards the end of the first trimester we ended up moving across the country and welcomed in the second trimester. I'll be sharing more about the second trimester soon!