Making Money while you $leep!

I love Poshmark!

 Have you heard of it? No!? Well let me introduce you to Poshmark. Its an easy and exciting way to buy and sell fashion items. The offer items for women, men, and kids such as: clothing, shoes, make-up, accessories from formal to p.j.'s to costumes.

For those who want to buy- the odds are in your favor!

1. You can make offers on items. Don't like the listing price!? You can make an offer on the item and see the grand total after shipping. If the seller agrees you'll be notified and they will mail it to you.

2. Want it new? No problem. So many items, especially ones you may not want used or swatched, like make-up for example is sold new (often times) even with tags, taped up/sealed etc.

3. You into Pre-loved, like new items? Are you a consignment and/or thrift shopper? Great, poshmark is for you too! Item descriptions disclose if item has been used. Not shared? Ask the seller any questions you have about their item in the comments below the post.

You can shop at or even through their app. If you're interested you can also shop in my closet too! (You can find me @practicalpotter).

If your looking to make some quick cash while you're sleeping, the odds are in your favor, too! Here's the low down on how to sell.

In order to sell you:

1) Create an account- using an email, password, and closet name. My closet is now @practicalpotter. My previous (deactivated account was the one photographed below with my maiden name.)

postmark my closet

2) Post your items which has the following required fields:

  • upload photo one picture required/ (up to 10 max)
  • details: write short description (50 characters max)
  • describe it (larger section)
  • category (what item it is)
  • size (by number or letters (XXSP, XSP, XS, S...etc)
  • brand (optional)
  • color(s) (optional) max 2
  • new with tags (optional)
  • Original price (share what you bought it for or think it's worth)
  • Listing price: post how much your selling it for and underneath postmark calculates how much you will earn (as they do receive a small amount of the proceeds)

3) Ship your items.  

1) Poshmark will send a notification to you and also an email when an offer has been made on an item and also when someone makes a purchase.

2) Order (for free) or pick up the priority box of your choosing.

3) All you have to do is print off the shipping label and drop off your box at your local USPS or if its before 5pm you can schedule a pick up for the following business day. If not, you can schedule one for the day after tomorrow.  

Logistics: The seller has 3 days to ship the items unless they convey or presently have their closet on a temporary hold due to vacation.

What is in for me!? Cash deposited to your checking/savings account or money to purchase other items on Poshmark.

To the left is history of past items sold. I've chose to set up a bank direct deposit so as soon as the item has been received and accepted I can send my earnings to the bank!

Feel free to shop my closet - great for pettite teens, college age, & young professionals. Clothing, shoes, accessories!





Below is a link showcasing my closet!

Closet Items