Frugal friday tip: How to score free items

Hey friends!

I thought I’d share a few ways you can score new or gently used items for yourself, family or friends for free.

  1. Facebook Marketplace * see note at the end of post

    Facebook marketplace has a section where users can post items for free. Sometimes its the remnants they’re ready to part with at the end of a busy yard sale day/weekend or items that must go that day or soon because of a pending move (etc) or because you know, it doesn’t spark joy anymore.

  2. There is a group/little movement called, Buy Nothing, Sell Nothing where individuals help one another by gifting items they’re ready to part with, no strings attached. I found and joined a local group in my area through facebook groups. I posted about looking for winter clothing for newborn - 6 months old and a kind mom reached out to me and had items her son didn’t fit into. She was so kind and also appreciative of me swinging by to pick up the bags of clothing (thus helping her tidy up). It was a win-win!

  3. My mother and grandmother love to go to yard sales. They would often go back to a yard sale to see if an item(s) were reduced or if the sellers were ready to part ways with them. Score!

  4. Clothing swap. Mom to mom- You can always find another mama who has a child a little older than one of yours if they’d like to do a clothing swap. You can pass down your kids’ gently used items and they can pass things down to you. P.s. it helps a lot if the child was born in the same season as yours so that seasonally the clothing works for your little one as well. Or if that is a little nerve wrecking you could always easily organize a few friends or your local MOPs/moms group together to do a clothing swap. You don’t have to limit it to clothing (I just gave this as an idea since its a common need you know, with how much our little ones are constantly growing). You can apply the swap with toys, books, furniture, etc.

There are so many ways you can score items for you and your family for free. I hope the ways above helped you think outside of the box, being frugal, and being able to get a hold of items your family wants/needs. What are other ways you’ve been able to score much needed/ wanted items for your home and family? I’d love to hear about them!

** Of course safety first, friends. When picking up items take a friend or family member with you. If that’s not possible let a loved one know the place, time, and person you’re meeting. As always do the meet up during the day in a public place or do a pick up outdoors (local police/fire station, community center, neighborhood safety: end of a driveway works well, park, local Chickfila etc.) **