Gifting with a $30 budget

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, and Christmas don’t have to put you in the negative money wise.

It’s important to think and plan on how you’re going to spend your money well when giving. A common misconception is, it takes a lot of money to make someone’s day or make a difference and that couldn’t be further from the truth. My husband and I have made the mistake of not budgeting for Christmas giving and it getting the absolute best of us, trust me, it won’t happen again. And neither will the guilt. The guilt of feeling like we HAVE to buy a certain someone a certain gift can be heavy, but not greater than the pain of your hard earned money leaving your wallet.

For our family we like to set a budget for giving to one another for anniversaries and birthdays beforehand. For each of us being frugal is very important.

Without further ado here is an example of our Father’s Day celebration under $30 thanks to TJ Maxx.

I bought the following items I needed from TJ Maxx.

  • Father’s Day card $1.29

  • Gift bag $2.00

  • Dress shirt $12.99

  • Children’s book: “How to Surprise a Dad” $5.99

  • Photo frame $4.50 (on clearance)

  • Photo print out from Costco $ .70 cents

This TJ Maxx run was fabulous. My husband loved his gifts, they were meaningful, thoughtful, and within our gifting budget.

There is no shame in gifting within whatever your budget is whether its $3.00, $30, or $300. Gift within your budget, giving can be thoughtful and intentional in the gift itself and in the spending. Happy gifting!