Our First Married Valentine's Day

Bryan and I's first married Valentine's Day was special and also low key which I really enjoyed- probably because I was starting to feel under the weather (at the time I didn't know I was coming down with the flu at 32 weeks pregnant!!) 

Bryan and I each had to work, but he got home earlier than expected. We ended up going to a really good Mexican restaurant in town and yes- he totallyyyy spoiled me. We've been in the habit of splitting a meal- which honestly has worked out really well lately. How!? Good question, its a miracle...kidding...since he's slimming down and I'm well, eating as much as Lily and I need it works! I digress, on Valentine's Day we each ended up getting our own meal and splitting a delicious dessert. I know, so spoiled.


We got each other really cute cards. The dollar store has cards as low as .50 cents and cute bags for presents too! Bryan got me flowers and Lily the cutest onesie in Spanish, which translates to, "Little but fierce!" It's adorable, he snagged it at Target, the brand is Cat and Jack! Ummm....can you say, best children's brand ever!?

I got him, well, us this really swanky recipe journal which was a steal at my local TJ Maxx! I found it right after the new year began and decided to hold onto it for Valentine's Day. Luckily, with lots of effort I was able to hide it from him until then, phew, had a few close calls!

The official title of the recipe journal is: The Keepsake Kitchen Diary by Lily and Val. The photo below is linked to Amazon!

I love this diary because it has room for 150 recipes, little pockets for notes, and is well organized! It has six sections: starters, soups/salads, main courses, side dishes, desserts, and a miscellaneous section. It's beautifully illustrated and has a little section to write any memories associated with your fun dinner making activities. 

I think the funniest part about our first married Valentine's Day was technically speaking neither of us gave the other a present for just them which made us feel like we were getting old, haha. Oh well, we were both just really happy to go out just the two of us and chat about our first eight months of marriage and about how excited about our little adventure (baby Lily) coming in about 10 weeks!

We had a lovely Valentine's Day! Ohhh and my in-loves gave us tickets to an escape room activity to use before Lily comes, we can't way to go!

What did you and your loved one(s) do on Valentine's Day!?