Why I never pay full price at Loft (or their affiliated stores)

     I am a Loft Inc. gal at heart. I worked at a Loft store while in college and boy oh boy was it hard trying not to shop for myself especially when I received their wonderful 50 % off employee discount. There was always some piece or accessory I wanted, but I digress!

    Loft and their affiliated stores, Ann Taylor and Lou and Grey have absolutely wonderful sales! Unless its a fashion emergency, you've got the cash and you wanna treat yo' self would I ever recommend buying something at full price. They generally have 30- 40% off everything in the store and also have an amazing sales/final sale rack to keep you busy scouting for what you're looking for! I'm not one to sign up for e-mails but I genuinely feel theirs are the best to receive because of their continual in store and also, amazing online sales. 

     I'll keep it real ladies, there were (and still are) months where my budget for splurging on myself (for wanted) not needed clothing purchases was $25 and I could come out like a bandit with 2-3 amazing pieces!


OG price: $69.50    Bev the bandit: $6.50


    I'd been wanting to buy something small for my mom and literally had $10.02 on a Loft gift card balance. In case you didn't know you can use that gift card at Ann Taylor and Lou and Grey stores and online-wahoo! One of my favorite bloggers posted about this super cute Lou and Grey Poncho Hoodie. I didn't run to snag one because I'm over trying and buying non-maternity pieces. I am so glad I stumbled across this because even though they didn't have it in my size they had it in another which I think will work for my mom. Sshhh don't tell her I just bought it for her for Valentine's Day. 

Here is a quick view of the poncho hoodie- last I checked it was available in size M/L, check out their size chart for more info. This could be a great early-on time gift for a loved one for Valentine's Day! My order is set to arrive to my mom by February 13th!

**P.s. I don't know what it is, but I've got all the feels (lovey dovey) feels after seeing my Lily girl's face this week at the anatomy scan. I am so overwhelmed with love for our little girl I haven't met yet. That got me thinking about how special mine and my mom's relationship is and it just made me want to do something special for my momma this Valentine's Day!**

I hope you're able to share the love to those babes closest to you this Valentine's Day! Do you have any fun and exciting plans in the works? I'd love to hear about them!