Gotta get moving!


      Hi everyone! I figured I'd start with a brief introduction about us here at the Practical Potters! My name is Beverly and I married my best friend, Bryan Potter about four months ago. In this short time we've gone through joy, grief and all the feelings in between. We met in Raleigh, NC on Memorial Day weekend and have been inseparable ever since. My husband is from California and is currently serving in the army. Its honestly been pretty easy for us getting adjusted to married life (so far) with lifestyles and schedules (although the army brings a lot of unpredictability). I'm sure what contributed to that was wrapping my brain around the uncertainty of his schedule, presence and absence while dating, thankfully we've been able to spend a lot of time together. I've had to practice patience and learn to be able to go with the flow. 

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     I think we've been a little resistant, not meaning to, to getting to know a lot of other couples outside of the ones we already did, and this because we only had 6 months in this town before a big move across the country! We are now getting down to the wire with only 26 more days in the army before our road trip to Utah! Yes, yay and yikes- time to pack!

     Looking back, we've loved getting to knew a few couples here a little better, eating together, going to church together, having a glass of wine, or dessert along with a fun game night. Sequence is our jam, if you haven't played you've got to! Its only $25 at Target (trust me, its worth it) and I've bought the game several times- for our family, friends, and such. 

     I'm excited for the next chapter in our lives and the adventure to come! For now, its crunch time for Bryan, getting through all the needed paperwork and assigned tasks and for us to clean up, pack up the apartment and gotta get moving! Gotta go pack!