Beach trip on a budget

Summer is coming to an end but not before a final beach trip (or two). Bryan and I really enjoyed our first (married) day trip to the beach. We left around 9am and arrived back at our humble abode around 8pm. 


      I wanted to surprise him with a kite and some sandle castle building so I spent about $7 at the dollar store and it was totally worth it! This pizza kite didn't last the entire day, but that's okay, it was worth his excitement and delight for the ten minutes it lasted. Just showing my pizza loving man I was thinking about him, made it worth my while. Just loving on him since he does have a pizza my heart. 🍕 (See what I did there!?) 

     We spent $10 (if that) on lunch/snacks we threw in our cooler, filled up a few water bottles, and enjoyed the beach for quite some time!  We brought towels, chairs, books, and a beach blanket- enough but just enough to carry in one trip. 

     We decided we would splurge (just a little) on dinner so we found a funky, quaint restaurant named after Edgar Allen Poe and enjoyed some burgers before heading home! It was a cool place- they even played audio of his poems in the bathroom (weird).

      All in all we went on a fun day trip to the beach for under $50! Wahhooo. 

What do you/have you done to save money for a one day getaway!? I'd love to hear about it!  Enjoy the rest of the summer with your friends, family, and loved ones (pssst, on a budget!)