Birthday traditions!

It has been a tradition in my immediate family to have a birthday weekend. The weekend closest to your birthday would be all about you! A present or two each day of the weekend, festivities: activities and eating around your favorites, and the birthday song sung each day. (We will probably go fishing and play some cards! The rest is up to him.)


   I am so excited to be celebrating Bryans birthday this week- welcoming him into his quarter life crisis. He has a motorcycle so that's out of the question and the other item (I'll keep a secret) he already wanted (is in the works) so I'm not quite sure where the "crisis" energy will go especially since we're moving, starting school, and lord willing have at least one more life changing event happening within the next year. That should all consume his time and energy! Thank goodness!


I'm excited to celebrate who he is, what he's accomplished, his dreams and aspirations within the next kick - you know what, year of his life! Excited and very humbled to make it a great one! I love you Bryan! Happy early birthday! Let's go catch 'em fish!