We're moving to 'God's Country!'

I thought I'd take a hot second to share about one of the many exciting changes coming up. Bryan will be completing his commitment to the Army on October 27th. Wahoooo! I'm excited and I know he is thrilled. I'm eager to celebrate him and his service over the past four years! And he is ecstatic to be moving home (to Utah) where his parents retired (he's originally from CA) and Utah is home. I didn't know (because I live under a rock) and it is the 'home' of mormonism (p.s. we are NOT mormons and I've found them to be some of the kindest people around). At the end of the day its about family- my father and mother in love (pictured above) and one of his brothers live there. 

I like it...and hope to love it. It feels wide open like, Steve Moakler's kind of wide open. I feel free. The air is crisp, the humidity is hmm...non existent (which is perfect), and we love how close we will be to adventure, within the state and in surrounding ones!

We will be relaxing with family for a short time and am sure quickly after arriving will be looking for (what I hope will be) our forever home, the home we will have a family in. For this moment, Bryan, Bev, and our little fur babes- Bandit (husky), ad patches (calico cat). I am really looking forward to Bryan being able to actually rest- not be on call 24/7, wake up before 5 am, you know fully rested each night without the constant worry about missing an alarm or call. 

Personally, I can't wait to explore (like a tourist). Find my niche, find sacred places both indoors and outdoors to relax inside and outside, both by myself, with Bryan and our future family.  I am even more excited to build a deeper relationship with my in-loves and family.

For now, keeping it real to say I am excited but very, very nervous. Nervous about the snow too. He handles change really well, me, ugh, not so much. I'm okay with the same ole' same ole'. Looking forward to the day the Utah grind feels like the same ole', same ole'.

The Potters are moving and we can't wait to share in this adventure with you!