Saving is sexy

Disclaimer....I've not worked for AT&*, Ver*zon, or Spr*nt so I can't be considered the Yoda of their sales departments however, my husband is a genius and did his research and this is how we saved on our phone bill. well his phone bill.

After a $150 repair to his iPhone we knew it might not last too much longer and it didn't. He went to his carrier to purchase a new phone to only find out you can no longer purchase a phone. You can only lease one. WHAT!? Essentially meaning you make payments on a phone, for years. Ummm.. NO THANK YOU! They don't make it an option to buy a phone with cash anymore so Mr. Too Easy went on a little road trip...

Mr. Too Easy went to WALMART.

He walked his handsome self over to the technology section and purchased a phone for a whopping $8 and a $30 Straight Talk card for 1,500 minutes, unlimited texts, and 100MB of data.

CHA-CHING...did you hear that!? I did! Thats the wad of cash we just saved and all thanks to my resourceful, confident, and content husband. He doesn't want or need an iPhone. We see each other everyday, we don't need to FaceTime (RIP long distance). He has transportation where he can use a GPS and more than enough minutes to talk to his loved ones each month.

It's perfect! No plan, no commitment, no debt, no problems.  I am so thankful for his minimalism! He's the best. Really! THE BEST. 

Live like no one else so later you can live like no one el$e. Saving $ense, thats where its at!

In my eyes, well Bryan would also agree, saving is sexy. When Bryan found out I didn't have ANY debt, he was all, "DAM*, girl, that's H-O-T! Why yes, yes it is! More on this later!