Ways to Save at Starbucks

Ohhh I love Starbucks.

Here are a few tricks and tips on how to save $ and enjoy the perks.

#1 Starbucks coffee cup

One of the cutest stocking stuffers I received was a hand knitted mustache coffee cup cozy around a plastic reusable mug. Last time I visited Starbucks it was only $2 AND with each use you save 10 cents. Also, the main reason I'm a big fan is because they're light weight and very, very easy to clean. I absolutely hate coffee cups with nooks and crannies and rubber, ehhh which are begging for mercy to mold etc, if not cleaned properly.

#2 Free cup of coffee or pastry on your birthday

If you purchase, for example a $5.00 gift card and you get the free Starbucks app you can then add that gift card to the app and use your app to pay. When you register you will add your email address and you have 48 hours from your date of birth to redeem either a free beverage of your choice or other item!

#3 Use the app to pay and $save

If you download either automatically or manually funds to pay for coffee onto the app you will earn stars for each purchase. Once you reach a certain number of stars you can redeem them for a free product of your choice. The app also shares what promotions/offers which are available at your store (the store you designate as your preference) using the app.

#4 Shop for Starbucks products at retail stores

Often times stores like, Ross, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls have an aisle or two of snacks, chocolates, and cooking items and you may find coffee there too (for a much more affordable price).