Don't choose the easy a cowboy!?

I choose easy pretty often. Need proof? Check my history under google searches... Easy banana bread recipe... Easy pork chop recipe... Easy way to make XYZ DIY project. Easy might as well be my middle name!

I almost always chose easy until Mr. Too Easy came along pushing me to choose difficult projects and claim them as easy, continuously getting me way out of my comfort zone. (P.s. he's doing this everyday, getting away with it, and melting my heart of stone, that story for a later blog post).

If the words easy and negative were on a magnet easy would be the positive end and difficult would be the negative one. Right!? Easy is positive, its safe, predictable, undaunting, quick, clear, and promises an outstandingly high probability of a boost in self-confidence. Generally a large boost, I'm all about that since some days I feel about the size of a borrower. On the other hand, the D-word...Difficult. Difficult is unsafe, unpredictable, daunting, lingering, muddy, and promises my tooshie on the couch with ice cream and later I envision giant pop rocks underneath me rushing me out the door to head to the gym! I digress...

It's okay to choose the easy route, nothing wrong with that. However, what if we chose the difficult one and thought of it this way... difficult ≠ bad.   Difficult does not always equal bad.

The difficult path may very likely require prayer, planning, brainstorming, long suffering, dependence on a spouse, friend or family member, and show you what you're made of. What if the difficult route produces the best results? What if it beckons unity? What if it brings about financial freedom, ability to travel, opportunities for your kids to learn and grow unlike never before!? What if it ushers in a new season of love, joy, and peace. Would you be all in!?

Gosh, now I'm in too deep and I have to share what's on my mind.

Bryan has been picking away at my heart of stone. SPOILER...deep down Bryan is a cowboy! He is a low key nerd, he wants to have a garden, possibly a tiny house or an RV, animals, land...hmmm I think if you add that up it equals a FARM. All this NC gal can say is, Lord. Have. Mercy!

Don't choose the easy's a trap! All aboard the Boring Express!!! HAHA...NOPE! 

Bryan wants an adventure and more and more everyday I want in on the adventure, too and it's not going to be easy and it is going to be meaningful, enriching, and so, so worth it!

I want to ponder and pray about what is next for us and joyfully move forward when the time comes. Cheers to taking small steps to choose a difficult route which leads to wonderful results, a big dose of confidence in our accomplishments, and to possibly living in a tiny home, traveling, and one day living on a farm!

Is it too early to say, "YEEEE-HAWW!" ?