What your internet provider doesn't tell you

For our first: Ways to save, Wednesday's...drumroll...setting up your internet. We learned this helpful tidbit comes from our friends/ neighbors Blake and Lisa.

We looked into the two internet providers in our area and like they (Blake and Lisa) found TWC, now known as Spectr*m to be the most cost effective.

Tip 1: Purchase your own materials when possible. We saved by purchasing a modem and router in one- thanks to Best B*y for a little under $115. (Internet providers rent out both machines and it will add to your costs). We were able to save $20/month this way!

Tip 2: When setting up account for service ask if there is a self-install internet service kit. Generally there is as setting up your internet when you purchase a router/modem takes no more than 15-20 minutes! Don't worry there is also tech support, ironically a website (wa-wa funny) AND there is a phone-a-"friend" option as Bryan would say.  The "friend," being their tech support line which was an automated installation walk through. You can have the elf-install internet service kit mailed or pick it up at the store. We found picking up the kit at a local store was quicker for us. We saved $35.00 as that would have been the cost for the technician to come out and set it up. 

The only hiccup we faced, the tenants before us had some sort of wiring set up outside of our apartment building which interfered with our service.  We were not able to set it up until the technician came out. I was able to call Spectr*m in order to find out when the technician would come by and later had come by so I could finish the installation process. (P.s. they were very helpful and kind and did not charge us for this service as it pertained to the previous tenant).

Scoreboard    Bev & Bryan 1    Spectr*m 0