A-gi-tate-her or agitator?!

Mr. Too Easy and I were (as many) a bit overwhelmed by $PENDING and CO$T$ associated with moving into a new palace, oh sorry, I mean place. (Phew, got a little confused there for a second).

We knew our time in our first apartment would be (hopefully) no more than six months. I had grand dreams of making it look like a modern meets rustic vacation home and my fantasies came to a screeching halt. 

Why!? Why would we spend hundreds of dollars on pieces we were going to have to pack up and ship shortly? We agreed to purchase a dinky washer and dryer. We set out to Best Buy and quickly realized for one of the "most affordable" and desirable washers we could be paying more than what we wanted to pay for both.  I was disappointed when their least expensive options were ones with an a-word. The curse word of all curse words in my appliance vocabulary: agitator. Mr. Too Easy was not about that and I felt like he was conspiring with the Best Buy Stranger saying, "Lets agitate-her."

              keeping it old school

              keeping it old school

YUCK. Someone call the 60's laundry room, they want their agitator back.

We went to a used appliance store, it was hot and the pickings were as we say in the south, slim! To say I was agitated was an understatement. My head was spinning (puns intended!) I looked on craigslist for a something clean and reached out to a guy who was starting up his own business.

Long story short, we set up a day and time for our washer/dryer (P.S. that I'd never seen before) arrive, be brought to our 2nd floor apartment, and be "set up." We paid $210 for an OLD SCHOOL washer and dryer and an additional $50 for the delivery/set up. Unfortunately they didn't have a final piece we needed and it costed us $9.99 at Home Depot and my husband 45 minutes!  For a whopping $270 we have a washer and dryer! YAY for clean clothing!

As we sing around here, the bare necessities...forget about your worries and your strife...