Meet Mr. Too Easy

My husband goes by many names, to his parents he's Bryan. His niece and nephew call him, Uncle Boo (long story). His friends at work call him, Potter. To me he can be baby, babe, honey, and the latest, Mr. Too Easy.  

I realized I am prone to not even consider setting out to reach a goal or complete a project for fear of failure or wanting to dance around taking the time to do it. yup, I love dancing that much.

Well, fear and skepticism meet Mr. Too Easy. When we sit down to talk about what little home project we want to tackle together next its as if we were in the middle of a football huddle and we went out for the next play, "Too Easy!".

Story time!  Mr. Too Easy took me to purchase a $25 crate and sanded it down so I could paint it. He also sanded our bedroom organizer and nightstand! The biggest project thus far was our farmhouse table! Mr. Too Easy had a positive attitude, helping hands, praise and high-fives all along the way. To be completely transparent if it weren't for Mr. Too Easy I would have mismatched furniture, thankfully not as our apartment is coming to life!

What if we approached the next project or task ahead we've been putting off!? What if we sat down and said, "Too Easy!" with confidence and hatched out a plan, resources and materials we need to get it done!? 

We've both felt such joy while putting our finished table into our dining rooms and the chairs in their place. Sigh, relief, joy, pride. Yeah, a little pride was good. The results are embarking on a bigger project...

Yeah...I'm already antsy to do another...make our own tufted headboard. I've got confidence, joy, and a project itch won't go away. I pretty much feel like I can fly, thanks to Mr. Too Easy!