Welcome to the Practical Potters!


     My name is Beverly Potter and I am the main contributor to the Practical Potters. My husband Bryan may post from time to time and/or we may colloborate (don't worry, I'll let you know when we do). Trust me I couldn't steal his thunder even if I tried.

     Bryan and I are focusing on things more important in our lives: family, friends, adventuring, making memories, and being cheerful givers- of our time, talents, and our home (wherever that may be). We are saving for our future family, a place to call home, basic needs, and our future childrens' dreams (college, etc). Our collective dream is to own 2+ acres, a beautiful home, and begin homesteading- being self sustainable by having chickens and gardening, you get it. We are excited for the adventure we've begun and soon to embark upon! 

Who are we!?

     I (Beverly) grew up partly in Virginia and would say I call North Carolina home. My family resides in Virginia, North Carolina, Chile, and Guatemala. After graduating from high school I attended North Carolina State University where I enjoyed an internship within anti-human trafficking efforts and went on to intern and then join the staff team at a residential care facility for domestic adolescent survivors of sex trafficking. There I cared for residents and launched their volunteer program. Afterwards I returned to my home city and worked at a non-profit fighting poverty through a women's shelter, food pantry, and clinic programs overseeing over 1,500 volunteers. I've loved each position I've been entrusted with and it was a no brainer to quit my job and move an hour and a half away to support and be with my husband. I'm excited to be in a season of newness and transition, pursing a dormant passion of writing and the arts (D.I.Y projects to be exact).

     Bryan was born in California. He played hockey since he was three years old. As the youngest of three boys he had a vibrant and adventure filled childhood. After graduation from high school he continued playing hockey and later decided to join the United States Armed Forces. He anticipated it would be just like the movies where you sign your name on the dotted line and get hucked into a van. Surprisingly they told him to come back in sixteen months to begin basic training, while waiting he worked and attended a local community college. The past four years he's been protecting and serving our country in assignments all around the world. And if you'd ask him he was pleasantly surprised when I came along...

     Bryan and I met on Friday, May 27th 2016 and were married on Sunday, May 28th 2017.  I quickly realized his amazing sense of humor and wittiness. He is a low key nerd and I love it. I'd say we are both a bit of old souls, thank goodness I just realized we have the same decorative style and are truly best friends. It was love at first sight and when he found me I knew I had a good one so yes, we tied the knot about a year later!

     Shortly after our engagement he underwent a knee surgery, physical therapy, and began out processing out of the army. Lord willing his last day of his 4.5 year commitment will be on October 27th, 2017. From there we will be road tripping to Utah to hopefully, settle down and later start a family. 

     For now... we want to share how we came together as a united front armed with a money saving tool belt if you will- in large part to each of our parents who made wise financial decisions and urged us to do the same. It hasn't been a luxurious, care free, easy road AND it's been worth it and we wouldn't trade it for anything. And we want to share our story and money $aving tips with you.

Thanks for joining the practical potters, we look forward to your comments, feedback, and wisdom too!

-Beverly and Bryan