When your world isn’t filled with Christmas Crazy

    What do you do in the stillness? In the quiet place where time, time and more time meet in every nook and crannie of your life? 

     While most of the world spins into Christmas crazy...what do you do when yours has slowed down or even stopped? Stopped, stopped maybe physically, emotionally, or socially? Does the time go by in a slightly kind-er pace because you anticipated it? Not necessarily. Are you wishing for the Becky’s kind of business? Sometimes I do. What if we don’t have to?

    And what do you do once you have nothing in your hands except bittersweet time? What does it look like to embrace stillness? Is it the obvious reading a book or doing that thing you swore you would do when you had time? Would you, could you reach out to do that one thing with Jesus, for you that you’ve been putting off? Can you rest— truly rest and be still in His presence or does Instagram pull and thrill to compare and compete?


    Can you learn to embrace the quiet and slow pace of life and not feel, what’s the word: guilty?  It’s hard, you can, with Jesus to abide and be found in Him.

    It’s a beautiful thing to embrace a slow and steady- yet unsteady, awkward season- whether it be weeks or possibly months. Whether you’re staring at the ceiling or a wall, being still doesn’t make you small. Being  still and being at peace with it is strength beyond measure- and can usher in a season of gratitude beyond compare. Not out of what isn’t there, what is there, Who wants to meet you there.