Ways to save on Christmas gifts!

The Christmas season can be really hectic and you may find yourself running to and from various stores to search for specific gifts. If you do have some time on your hands and a little bit of patience here are a few ways to save on gifts this Christmas.

christmas post.jpg

1. Make the magic happen

For you risk taker and experienced or even not so experienced craft lovers- consider making Christmas gifts for your family and friends! With so many DIY websites, blog posts, and yes Pinterest there are lots of resources that can walk you through how to make project in 15 minutes or less! It doesn't have to be elaborate, it is the thought that counts right. (Yeah, I know, and so does the execution...of the project, silly!).

2. Search and save

A gift there today will likely be there tomorrow. Don't feel like you have to jump on the very first present you see in the store. Don't be afraid to scout around for a better deal. For example, a certain gift I'm looking for would cost more at Cabela's and Dick's Sporting Goods than it would at a local outdoorsy store like Sportsman's Warehouse here in town :) There will constantly be deals and don't be afraid to take the extra three minutes to sign up for a rewards card (if they offer one) especially as it will generally help you start saving right away!

3. Split and save

There is generally that one family member who can be quite particular about their wishlist and shall we say, has expensive taste! Not to worry, if that's your dad or mom and you have siblings or an awesome aunt or uncle- see if one or maybe a few others would like to pitch in on a gift(s). 

I know this was a super quick post, with all the holiday rush I figured that might be best. Enjoy your shopping...and saving!