A Christmas Gift Guide that won't break the bank!




Merry Christmas! I enjoy getting ready for Christmas and often times struggle with shopping for gifts. I normally start brainstorming and planning Christmas gift purchases in late October (early, I know!). I thought I'd make a small gift guide for different loved ones based on personalities and interests with gifts at and under $25. We're all about saving money around here, truly being practical, there is no way we're going to go in debt to provide Christmas gifts. We're working on being intentional with gifts and here are just a few ideas so you can merrily be on your way!



For the camping fanatic

I'm bringing it back to the basics. Every camper needs a good meal, why not ensure they have what they need! I love this Stansport Enamel Cookware set since it offers a set of four in silverware, cups, plates, bowls, and mugs. I think this will cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner!




For the aspiring artist

My brother loves music for as long as I can remember. If you have a music lover in your family who is also an aspiring artist these sound proofing acoustic foam packages would be a great hit. (Plus may allow mom and dad to still enjoy a relaxing night in!




For the kiddos

If you're looking for a cute movie for movie night and/or a long road trip this is a cute one! And yes, at 25 years old (and no children of my own) I've watched and enjoyed this movie!



For the tech-y teen

If you've got a teen or even young adult who likes watching music videos or movies at home this could be a really cool option! This Gee-Which Smartphone Projector and what makes it so amazing is that there aren't any cords or batteries required!





For the video game lover

Here's a great gift for video game lover who is a fan of simple graphic t-shirts!





For the Chip and Joanna Gaines lover

This one's for the gal in your life who loves getting inspired and wouldn't mind cozying up with a great magazine and a cup of coffee this winter! Its sure to make a great little table decoration too!




For the new home owners (wink, wink-family)

If theres one gift card that can't go wrong its one to Lowe's Home Improvement warehouse! Whether the new home owners know it or not all their needs (and wants) can be met at Lowe's. This would allow them to make a meaningful and exciting purchase for home repairs or fun projects they'd like to do!




For the father in law

Who wouldn't want a new comfortable robe (especially for those chilly winter mornings)!? I got my father in law something like this. 






For the diva (I mean make-up godess)

I don't know too much about make up and brands but I do know know one leaves the house with untamed eyebrows these days?! Right, well everyone except me! hmmm...should I put this on my wishlist!? 




For the Essential Oil lover

Lots of women would love the luxury of an essential oil nearby without the frustrations of carrying it around everywhere. This is such a modern. trendy, lightweight and spill free way of having a favorite essential oil around all day. Introducing an Essential Oil Diffuser Leather Bracelet Band! (ummm... I didn't know this existed, I actually really want one!)



Although its not a lengthy gift guide I hope this encourages you to know you can gift intentionally and not break the bank! I'd love to read about what types of gifts you've found! Feel free to comment below or visit me on instagram at: @thepracticalpotters. Looking for a specific item in this post or on the blog? Use the search bar below.