Affordable Fashion Friday: Prescription glasses


I am so happy with the glasses I wear daily and I feel like I love them even more because of the sweet compliments I get from strangers. I buy my glasses from Eye Buy Direct. No joke, I purchased two pairs of PRESCRIPTION glasses for $35.00 and received them in the mail seven days later!

I love their site because they generally always have a coupon you can apply to your purchase- whether you're purchasing for women, men or children! I got you girlfriend, here's the link! I am pretty sure they do 15% off your first purchase when you sign up for their email list.

My frames are called, "Chilling" and they are the pink/floral print and they are currently only $15.

I loved them so much I ordered just the frame (which took longer, not sure why) when I broke the frames while tickle fighting with my husband. All I did was pop out the lenses and put them into the new frames, very carefully. It totally worked by the way!


The second pair are called, drums. However, after searching their site I could not find a pair in red, they do have it in black and a frosted white. 

As far as the fit- the first pair I purchased, chilling fit a little bigger but after wearing them one weekend around friends, I was sold and decided they weren't too big for my face. P.s. my husband loves them and prefers I wear them and not contacts. What a keeper!

The second, drums are a little too tight but I have them as a back up.

Happy shopping, feel free visit me on Instagram and let me know in a comment which pair you have or bought!