Affordable fashion Friday: Funnel Neck top

Hey friend! 

If you're like me you may do a little eye roll or maybe shrug your shoulders in disappointment when you swipe up on a cute fall sweater on Instagram only to find its overpriced. 



I've got you girl! Here goes the first affordable fashion Friday, sharing a clothing item or accessory any teen, college girl, or mom on a budget can score and be content with!


I've always eyed what they call, Funnel Neck tops/sweaters- they look very comfortable and can be paired with your favorite pair of jeans or keep it low key with a pair of sweat pants or around the house with cute leggings!




I found this at Costco- the brand: 32 Degrees and its a Ladies' Funnel Neck Top. I'm wearing a size small in white. It also comes in: black, blue and purple. drum roll....Costs $12.99. Can you dig it!?

Have you scored any great fall finds at Costco? Feel free to comment here or on Instagram!




If you're tuning in passed February 2018 you're likely not going to find it in the store so here's a link so you can snag it at Macy's!