Clinique 8 minute make-up routine


Hi there! I'm not a makeup guru by any means- I'm more of the 8 minute make-up face kind of gal. I pride myself in being able to get ready in less than eight minutes (especially when my foundation doesn't end up ruining my outfit). I love a soft and natural look (as does my husband, Bryan). Here is a quick look at my favorite products... which I use daily.

     Since I know many of you are busy mommas, college students, and young professionals the images posted are linked for an easy purchase from Amazon (our favorite place to shop- from the comfort of our cozy couch/bed, am I right!?)

I love Clinique products especially because of my sensitive and oily skin. It is the only product line I've tried that I have not broken out in hives to (yeah, its that intense). Below is my daily routine!

Generally after moisturizing with coconut oil (any organic and even generic brand is fine) since the air is so dry here in Utah. Then I start with Clinique's Even Better Foundation, I generally use the shade, Cream Chaios 04 during the fall/winter months and ask a consultant to match me with the right shade during the summer (I don't remember which shade I use in the summer). I prefer going to a Clinique shop within a mall's department store because I've experienced great customer service, generally end up being able to save due to their discounts, and because I can gain Clinique Smart Rewards points for every dollar I spend.

I'm not one to contour or use brushes (due to past allergic reactions) so I love using the Chubby Stick Cheek Color Balm in the shade, Roly Posy Rosy. I find it lasts me all day and I only touch up when I'm going out in the late evening for dinner or a special event. Last time I checked it was only $8.50 on Amazon prime. 

Oh my goodness, if I could beg you to try just two products, together, it would be the Even Better Foundation AND any of their Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes shades. My eye shadow looks the same at 11 o'clock at night as it did at 6:30 am when I applied it.

I cannot rave about their Shadow Tints enough. In the summer (well, almost all year round) I use their #07 shade, Pink and Plenty. 

Here are two of my favorites...

Lavish Lilac- It's actually a very light purple despite how it's photographed on amazon, you can visit Clinique's website to see the true color




Portly Plum- A dark purple. I love to mix this and Lavish Lilac for a beautiful smokey eye which I think looks great for brown eyed gals!



I love the Quickliner for Eyes (eye liner) in the Violet (purple) and I have the same feedback to share about it as I did with the shadow tint for eyes, stays all-day-long! 


    I haven't dabbled with their mascara samples because anything else I've tried makes my lashes "fall down" they just go back to their normal shape, straight (ugh!) but I'm sure their mascara option(s) are absolutely wonderful and I'll likely be trying that soon!

I would love to learn how to really master having amazing eye brows but I haven't put time into it yet, either!

I love, love, love Clinique make-up products and hope they work for you! If there's something you love that's not listed here feel free to comment here on the blog, Facebook or Instagram page. I'm always up for trying something new from Clinique!

When your world isn’t filled with Christmas Crazy

    What do you do in the stillness? In the quiet place where time, time and more time meet in every nook and crannie of your life? 

     While most of the world spins into Christmas crazy...what do you do when yours has slowed down or even stopped? Stopped, stopped maybe physically, emotionally, or socially? Does the time go by in a slightly kind-er pace because you anticipated it? Not necessarily. Are you wishing for the Becky’s kind of business? Sometimes I do. What if we don’t have to?

    And what do you do once you have nothing in your hands except bittersweet time? What does it look like to embrace stillness? Is it the obvious reading a book or doing that thing you swore you would do when you had time? Would you, could you reach out to do that one thing with Jesus, for you that you’ve been putting off? Can you rest— truly rest and be still in His presence or does Instagram pull and thrill to compare and compete?


    Can you learn to embrace the quiet and slow pace of life and not feel, what’s the word: guilty?  It’s hard, you can, with Jesus to abide and be found in Him.

    It’s a beautiful thing to embrace a slow and steady- yet unsteady, awkward season- whether it be weeks or possibly months. Whether you’re staring at the ceiling or a wall, being still doesn’t make you small. Being  still and being at peace with it is strength beyond measure- and can usher in a season of gratitude beyond compare. Not out of what isn’t there, what is there, Who wants to meet you there. 


Ways to save on Christmas gifts!

The Christmas season can be really hectic and you may find yourself running to and from various stores to search for specific gifts. If you do have some time on your hands and a little bit of patience here are a few ways to save on gifts this Christmas.

christmas post.jpg

1. Make the magic happen

For you risk taker and experienced or even not so experienced craft lovers- consider making Christmas gifts for your family and friends! With so many DIY websites, blog posts, and yes Pinterest there are lots of resources that can walk you through how to make project in 15 minutes or less! It doesn't have to be elaborate, it is the thought that counts right. (Yeah, I know, and so does the execution...of the project, silly!).

2. Search and save

A gift there today will likely be there tomorrow. Don't feel like you have to jump on the very first present you see in the store. Don't be afraid to scout around for a better deal. For example, a certain gift I'm looking for would cost more at Cabela's and Dick's Sporting Goods than it would at a local outdoorsy store like Sportsman's Warehouse here in town :) There will constantly be deals and don't be afraid to take the extra three minutes to sign up for a rewards card (if they offer one) especially as it will generally help you start saving right away!

3. Split and save

There is generally that one family member who can be quite particular about their wishlist and shall we say, has expensive taste! Not to worry, if that's your dad or mom and you have siblings or an awesome aunt or uncle- see if one or maybe a few others would like to pitch in on a gift(s). 

I know this was a super quick post, with all the holiday rush I figured that might be best. Enjoy your shopping...and saving!

A Christmas Gift Guide that won't break the bank!




Merry Christmas! I enjoy getting ready for Christmas and often times struggle with shopping for gifts. I normally start brainstorming and planning Christmas gift purchases in late October (early, I know!). I thought I'd make a small gift guide for different loved ones based on personalities and interests with gifts at and under $25. We're all about saving money around here, truly being practical, there is no way we're going to go in debt to provide Christmas gifts. We're working on being intentional with gifts and here are just a few ideas so you can merrily be on your way!



For the camping fanatic

I'm bringing it back to the basics. Every camper needs a good meal, why not ensure they have what they need! I love this Stansport Enamel Cookware set since it offers a set of four in silverware, cups, plates, bowls, and mugs. I think this will cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner!




For the aspiring artist

My brother loves music for as long as I can remember. If you have a music lover in your family who is also an aspiring artist these sound proofing acoustic foam packages would be a great hit. (Plus may allow mom and dad to still enjoy a relaxing night in!




For the kiddos

If you're looking for a cute movie for movie night and/or a long road trip this is a cute one! And yes, at 25 years old (and no children of my own) I've watched and enjoyed this movie!



For the tech-y teen

If you've got a teen or even young adult who likes watching music videos or movies at home this could be a really cool option! This Gee-Which Smartphone Projector and what makes it so amazing is that there aren't any cords or batteries required!





For the video game lover

Here's a great gift for video game lover who is a fan of simple graphic t-shirts!





For the Chip and Joanna Gaines lover

This one's for the gal in your life who loves getting inspired and wouldn't mind cozying up with a great magazine and a cup of coffee this winter! Its sure to make a great little table decoration too!




For the new home owners (wink, wink-family)

If theres one gift card that can't go wrong its one to Lowe's Home Improvement warehouse! Whether the new home owners know it or not all their needs (and wants) can be met at Lowe's. This would allow them to make a meaningful and exciting purchase for home repairs or fun projects they'd like to do!




For the father in law

Who wouldn't want a new comfortable robe (especially for those chilly winter mornings)!? I got my father in law something like this. 






For the diva (I mean make-up godess)

I don't know too much about make up and brands but I do know know one leaves the house with untamed eyebrows these days?! Right, well everyone except me! hmmm...should I put this on my wishlist!? 




For the Essential Oil lover

Lots of women would love the luxury of an essential oil nearby without the frustrations of carrying it around everywhere. This is such a modern. trendy, lightweight and spill free way of having a favorite essential oil around all day. Introducing an Essential Oil Diffuser Leather Bracelet Band! (ummm... I didn't know this existed, I actually really want one!)



Although its not a lengthy gift guide I hope this encourages you to know you can gift intentionally and not break the bank! I'd love to read about what types of gifts you've found! Feel free to comment below or visit me on instagram at: @thepracticalpotters. Looking for a specific item in this post or on the blog? Use the search bar below.