How to throw a unique wedding under 10k!

Bryan and I agreed we wanted to have a small wedding with intimate guests and family. We were beyond blessed to be have an amazing wedding planner- Jessica Hubacher, friends offer services (music and make-up) and family contribute to wedding expenses. Here's how you can have a wedding under $10,000.

Location: Think out side of the box. Look for event venues rather than designated "wedding" venues.

Our story: We took a tour of a local art gallery, we were skeptical at first and we knew we hit the jackpot by the end of the tour. Stay open minded and see the potential a venue can have.

Pros: Non-wedding venues could cost at a third of what most venues charge. Venue contract: A 1 pager- can you believe it!? Venue contacts are generally not too busy, quick to respond and flexible with making accommodations.  They may also have flexible guidelines regarding access of the venue and we were able to bring our own alcohol! Privacy: Entire location for us with a guard to ward off the public. It was a private event, you know...VIPs only, people!

D.j.: Ask your planner or vendor for recommendations and don't get the whole package. Sometimes a venue will provide discounts when you book their preferred vendor. Ask the d.j. what packages he offers and if you want the basics- music, one microphone, bridal party, and bride and groom entrance services than say so! You may not need a projector playing the music video in the background (plus it could get a little awkward) or a light show. On the other hand, sometimes d.j.s can provide great uplighting as a part of their services, ask them what they can do!

Pros: My mother helped me find a great bilingual d.j., she asked for the basics to get a smaller package, and he gave us an additional discount. 

Florals: Go online to your local large wholesale store such as: B.j.s, Sam's Club, or Costo (on the east coast that is) we found Costco to have beautiful and very inexpensive flowers which we actually NOT under their wedding packages section!

Our story: As we saw costs increase I did NOT want to purchase flowers BUT I am so glad we did. It made the space absolutely beautiful! My mom purchased a large amount of my flowers from COSTCO online and had them shipped a day or two before the wedding for safe keeping and to start working on the arrangements. She purchased more from a local shop, she was able to splurge (just a little) on my bouquet, boutonnieres, and arrangements for my table.The vases she purchased inexpensively as well. A little goes a long way! Plus- I had no idea flower arrangement services start at $2,000. Heckkk nooo!


Wedding dress: Go to that hole in the wall store, boutique, or consignment shop. Heck, know a friend of a friend selling her dress?! You never know where you'll find it. Also, see if another store carries the same dress for a lower price and or has any special(s) going on. Psssttttt...the holidays (holiday weekends) are great times to shop for a dress. Boutiques need business and you need a dress- win, win, and grin my friend!

My story: The most gorgeous wedding boutique was in a quaint town but not in an upscale shopping center. The service was the absolute best. While I did not purchase my dress there I found it there, kept searching with a captivated heart and just couldn't move on to another dress. I ended up getting the same dress at a boutique which had a few Christmas specials including: free veil, credit for accessories, and discount on the dress.

Caterer: Choose wisely! Enjoy and go to the tastings! Be sure to thoroughly read the contract(s). Also have your planner, or wise friend, parental figure etc. give it a good look over, because when push comes to shove, if you signed your name on the dotted line than you'll be responsible. Pssttt...get a receipt for all fees paid associated to your wedding and keep track of it all.

If you want to step aside from catering, think about a fun food truck (Mexican anyone!?) or purchasing alcohol in bulk inexpensively from Trader Joe's or a wholesale store like- Costo, Sams Club, B.j.'s. as well as: napkins, plates, hors d'oeuvres, and more.

Rentals: tables/chairs/lighting. Shop around and get pricing- go to a warehouse and see the quality of what they're providing you. Ask your venue if they provide anything- it'll be free from them and great for you!

I found pipe and drape to rent for $99 online. They send it to you 2 days before your wedding and you have another 2 days to send it back. A 5 day rental for a fourth of the pricing on just one section of pipe and drape! We used it in the back of our room to hide the waiters from coming in and out of our venue's unpleasantly looking kitchen and to keep guests from coming up the stairs into the hallway as the magic was taking place flipping the room.

Miscellaneous items examples: Ring box, props (cute signs/frames for tables: head-cake-and gift tables), flower girl basket, gift card box- I hit up TJ Maxx and asked my mom what she had available.




Words of wisdom. Remember...its yours and your husband's day.

Focus on what matters and is meaningful- making memories. This moment-unforgettable...

At the end of the day- you're still getting married- everything is going to be great- a constant reminder I got from my husband.

What did you do or not do that made yours and your husband's day special!? I'd love to hear about it!




Never pay full price at Michaels

Bryan and I enjoy DIY projects and try to stay within a budget for each project as much as possible. It can be easy to see the mu-lah fly away at stores like Home Depot and Lowes so when we can, we opt for a quick visit to our local Michaels Craft Store and Jo-Ann Fabrics stores.

Lately, my artistic juices have been flowing if you will. I'd been wanting to create in a quick and easy way and I wanted to paint! I ended up grabbing an awesome watercolor set and paintbrushes from Michaels.  I love the Artist's Loft Fundamentals Watercolor Pan set. It has the perfect variety of paints going in, love it! For brushes I wanted to try the Taklon Premium Brush set by Craft Smart. It has a small variety of sizes, for a beginner I think it's perfect! The bristles didn't come out while I was painting or cleaning which was a problem with the first set I bought, bummer! I knew I wasn't ready for a canvas quite yet so I opted for a small spiral notebook and I love my Canson XL Mis Media Pad, 7 X 10. All of this is travel size and can easily fit in a tote and it's not heavy! Here's how I paid half price for each of these products, grand total of $18!

I've got a secret for you... I've not made a purchase where I did not save 30 - 50 % on the highest priced item. I generally save between 30 - 50% on a regularly priced item with each visit.  All it takes is about 90 seconds online or a few minutes uploading the Michaels app when you're in the store!

Here's how to $ave. Go to and click on coupons.

1. Select a store. Type in your zip code to select the store where you will be making your purchase.
















2. Select the coupon you'd like to use by tapping in the right hand corner and then a little green triangle with a white check mark will appear in the corner.











3. Scroll down to click on the button: get coupon.












4. From there you can print the coupon or just leave it open in your browser on your phone to have the barcode scanned at the store when you make your purchase!









Happy saving!

Making Money while you $leep!

I love Poshmark!

 Have you heard of it? No!? Well let me introduce you to Poshmark. Its an easy and exciting way to buy and sell fashion items. The offer items for women, men, and kids such as: clothing, shoes, make-up, accessories from formal to p.j.'s to costumes.

For those who want to buy- the odds are in your favor!

1. You can make offers on items. Don't like the listing price!? You can make an offer on the item and see the grand total after shipping. If the seller agrees you'll be notified and they will mail it to you.

2. Want it new? No problem. So many items, especially ones you may not want used or swatched, like make-up for example is sold new (often times) even with tags, taped up/sealed etc.

3. You into Pre-loved, like new items? Are you a consignment and/or thrift shopper? Great, poshmark is for you too! Item descriptions disclose if item has been used. Not shared? Ask the seller any questions you have about their item in the comments below the post.

You can shop at or even through their app. If you're interested you can also shop in my closet too! (You can find me @practicalpotter).

If your looking to make some quick cash while you're sleeping, the odds are in your favor, too! Here's the low down on how to sell.

In order to sell you:

1) Create an account- using an email, password, and closet name. My closet is now @practicalpotter. My previous (deactivated account was the one photographed below with my maiden name.)

postmark my closet

2) Post your items which has the following required fields:

  • upload photo one picture required/ (up to 10 max)
  • details: write short description (50 characters max)
  • describe it (larger section)
  • category (what item it is)
  • size (by number or letters (XXSP, XSP, XS, S...etc)
  • brand (optional)
  • color(s) (optional) max 2
  • new with tags (optional)
  • Original price (share what you bought it for or think it's worth)
  • Listing price: post how much your selling it for and underneath postmark calculates how much you will earn (as they do receive a small amount of the proceeds)

3) Ship your items.  

1) Poshmark will send a notification to you and also an email when an offer has been made on an item and also when someone makes a purchase.

2) Order (for free) or pick up the priority box of your choosing.

3) All you have to do is print off the shipping label and drop off your box at your local USPS or if its before 5pm you can schedule a pick up for the following business day. If not, you can schedule one for the day after tomorrow.  

Logistics: The seller has 3 days to ship the items unless they convey or presently have their closet on a temporary hold due to vacation.

What is in for me!? Cash deposited to your checking/savings account or money to purchase other items on Poshmark.

To the left is history of past items sold. I've chose to set up a bank direct deposit so as soon as the item has been received and accepted I can send my earnings to the bank!

Feel free to shop my closet - great for pettite teens, college age, & young professionals. Clothing, shoes, accessories!





Below is a link showcasing my closet!

Closet Items

Five Minute Friday: Play

Five Minute Friday is a challenge to write for 5 minutes each Friday on one word.  After writing you link to your post and encourage the person who posted before you. The word for that week is provided on Thursday evening if you would like to think about what you're going to write about.

Here goes this week's Five Minute can check it out the post and website here.


 what puts bed rest to rest.

what gathers family and friends around a kitchen table.

it's hard to reach.

what I want to do when the laughter quota isn't reached.

my desire as I scroll through the pre-weekend vibes Instagram reel.

it taunts when the doctor's orders are all two real: bed rest.

Play whats coming when, in Jesus' name the new order comes and the sadness before quickly comes undone.